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Third-Party Vendor Cloud Integration of Healthcare DataRead More

As a healthcare third-party vendor offering a medical device, software as a medical device (SaMD) or another on-premise or cloud based product to healthcare providers, one of the main challenges is connecting to an electronic medical record (EMR) or picture archiving and communication system (PACS). Connecting a healthcare product as a third-party vendor to a healthcare provider can be challenging. Connecting a healthcare product as a third-party vendor to a healthcare provider can be challenging for many reasons, including:

Using mirthSync to implement CI/CD for Mirth ConnectRead More

We've shown in previous posts that mirthSync can be used to move code between different Mirth Connect systems and can also be used in conjunction with Git for tracking code/config changes. In this post we'll dive into implementing a simple CI/CD pipeline by wiring together Github Actions, mirthSync, and multiple Mirth Connect deployments. This will show how changes can be implemented, tracked, and automatically deployed to a staging environment from a development environment.

Build HIPAA Compliant Medical SoftwareRead More

Ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of protected health information (PHI) is of the utmost importance. In this post we give a high level overview of what constitutes PHI and many important factors for ensuring that your handling of PHI is consistent with regulatory guidelines and software engineering best practices.

Getting started with mirthSyncRead More

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This is Part 1 of a series of posts describing the usage and benefits of utilizing mirthSync with Mirth Connect instances. Future posts will cover more sophisticated usages that allow for you to safely manage environments and view changes being applied.

mirthSync is an open source tool developed by Saga-IT LLC that interacts with the excellent NextGen Connect© (formerly known as Mirth Connect) healthcare IT integration engine to provide many useful benefits to both the open source and closed source versions of Mirth Connect.

Please keep in mind that mirthSync is a free and open source tool that is under active development. Ensure that you have read the License and understand that Saga-IT LLC or any project contributors are not responsible for any issues related to use of the tool. We highly recommend that you utilize the tool only with development or staging environments.

Using mirthSync with Git for Version ControlRead More

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In the previous post we have an overview of mirthSync and indicated that it can be used for many purposes beyond just simple pulling and pushing of Mirth Connect channels and configuration. In this post we will demonstrate how mirthSync can be integrated with Git and Git's features can be used to track changes to view, review, and if necessary roll back changes to code and configuration.

At Saga-IT utilizing mirthSync is a vital part of our workflow. It enables us to track and visualize changes to our environments over time which gives us extra confidence to make even significant changes and enhancements without risk.